Why do you need birth photographer?

The very moment baby is born, everyone begins to celebrate, and amid all the emotion in the room, your child’s first breath, first cry, first look - all needs to be captured. This unique session experience is all about beautiful, pure storytelling of the most important day of your life.

I’ll be there when you hold your newborn baby for the very first time. It’s the moment like no other. It deserves to be remembered and retold.

How does it work?

I’ll be on call for you 2 weeks before your due date. So at any time of the day or night, when the story starts, you can be certain that I’ll be ready to capture it for you. Full coverage of your birth story begins during active labor and finishes about 1-2 hours after birth. Whether at home or in hospital, in the comfort of bed or the relief of water, I’ll be there to create a memory of the day you welcome your child to the world. Every incredible moment, every look of anticipation, every gentle encouraging kiss is a part of your unique birth story.

When I attend a birth, I am extremely respectful of the birth space and quietly work around a couple so as not to disturb them or the professionals supporting them.

Meeting in advance

We typically meet with expectant parents at least a month before the due date to discuss what you want or don't want to be photographed, and how to handle the unexpected, like an unplanned C-section. We can discuss your birth plans and get to know each other well. Since you’re welcoming me into a very special, intimate moment in your life, it’s very important to me that we are a good fit. 

When to book?

In order to provide the highest level of service and care to my clients, I book a very limited number of birth story commissions each year, so please do contact me as soon as possible.


$1200. Active labor coverage and 1-2 hours after delivery, includes 70+ digital image


I am so delighted that you have found me! I look forward to creating beautiful and sweet memories that you and your family will cherish all your life!

 Let me retell the whole story for you. Beautifully, tenderly, and with love.